Exterius powder coated surface restoration
Powder coated surface restoration

Surface restoration specialists

Exterius FM Ltd understand that the success of any business, well-being, partnership, or finances is the detail….

So why not give your building the same approach, if it works for such huge chapters in your life then it must apply to the running of your property right?

We offer an exceptional surface restoration service to your powder coated window frames, doors and cladding. They often turn to a very “chalky” and faded look over time and this is largely down to age and UV damage.

Our powder-coated surface restoration service can expect you to see these impressive reborn colours for up to 5 years which makes it extremely cost-effective and incredible value for money.

The window frame may well be structurally sound, doesn’t let in any draft and not a drop of water shall penetrate the building…. However they just are not looking how they are performing.

Here is our 3 step process that will restore your powder coated window frames, doors or cladding:

  • Using a PH neutral cleaning solution, we get the surface cleaned right back ready to be born again!
  • Then we apply our specialist solution that will remove the very top, microscopic layer and draw the original colour back to full view.
  • Finally now we have the colour back to its original format, we then protect the surface with a second solution that will protect the fabric from further UV rays and also create a non-stick barrier which allows a simple wipe free maintenance solution.
Cleaning powder coated window frames, doors and cladding

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  • We have a wooden painted Reception entrance, will this restore?

    Sadly this process only works on surfaces that have been powder coated. This could be doors, frames, roller shutters or fire doors as they are the most common form of powder coating.

  • Will it be wet or sticky?

    Not at all, once we have finished the process then you are good to go and ready to show off! The surface dries clear, no sticky tacky feeling or wet.



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