High Pressure Steam Cleaning Services

Low and High Pressure Steam Cleaning Services

Here at Exterius we offer a solution to your specialist cleaning requirements, be it cladding or brick, sandstone or block paving. We have the experience and the equipment that will eradicate your grime and in no time at all, we will restore the surface to its former glory!

Doff Integra system for low pressure

Doff is an extremely specialist system that offers cleaning possibilities as low as 50 bar yet still outputting temperatures up to 150c.

This system is used on sensitive surfaces that simply will not tolerate the kind of psi of a large system or jet wash… it’s the polar opposite.

We are a Doff Approved Contractor which to you means that our work, ethics and customer services meets the stringent requirements to be associated with Doff, this is something that is earned and not paid for.

Van mounted high pressure system

Our van mounted system allows us to work remotely offering both cold wash to 150c steam, this system is a beast!

It is our preferred method for large open space areas or large cladding/distribution centre due to its flow rate and ability to clean more openly.

Think of the Doff as a fountain pen and our van mounted as a big chunky felt tip… you wouldn’t use a fountain pen to colour in a billboard, would you?
The great bit of kit with the van mount is the Mosmatic flat surface cleaner (or commonly known as a skate) which is a walk-behind system that allows us to clean large open areas direct rather than via a more traditional “jet wash lance” effort.

External Building Cleaning

At Exterius, we specialise in the external building cleaning provision. It could well be your National Distribution Centre, your Central Bonded Warehouse and your company Head Office.

With our steam cleaning services, we can clean and restore any facade. All of our Operators are IPAF licensed and if we can get to the surface, we will steam, clean and protect it!

On a more open area, perhaps a car park, a retail park or a large seating area we would use our Mosmatic flat surface cleaner. This is a walk behind “disc” that traps the high pressure steam and cleans in a rotary method giving incredibly good results and at a much quicker speed if the area was to be cleaned by a lance.

Commerical external specialist cleaning

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  • Will Doff remove the carbon staining?

    In short, the answer for this is no. Carbon is a stain and requires an additional poultice along with the Doff to remove carbon, even then. Due to years of the stone absorbing the carbon, you will need some chemical assistance and or even media blasting to totally remove the carbon.

  • Access is tricky around our site, are there any other options?

    We do have a reach pole that can clean 35ft safely from ground level, still maintaining up to 150c at the surface!



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