SpaceVac High Level Cleaning System

Here at Exterius, we like to push the boundaries of problem solving and technology when it comes to our high-level cleaning services in the UK. There is no doubt that our SpaceVac high-level cleaning system is a market-leading piece of technology. Not only is it super lightweight and productive, but our high-level vacuum cleaning can also easily clean up to 13mtr under complete control.

Using this high-level industrial cleaning services system, common surfaces that we clean week in week out around the country are z beams, cladding, ducting, pipework, and racking. These are all cleared of dust and debris, straight down the pole system and into the collection bag, removed from the site with no greater noise than a standard Henry Hoover.

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SpaceVac High Level Cleaning System
High-Level Industrial Cleaning Services
high-level vacuum cleaning services UK

High-Level Industrial Cleaning Services

Using our super lightweight carbon fibre, interlocking vacuum system with a wide variety of head attachments, we can clean from the ground in many workplace settings. The beauty of the system is that it is so easy to move and skate around, we regularly take the vacuum up into MEWP’s for that extra high impossible to reach area.

Be it an internal or external audit where the presence of dust in the workplace is either visually unwelcomed or perhaps due to the services taking place can very quickly become a fire hazard.

Industrial Cleaning Services
SpaceVac High Level Cleaning System UK

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  • Schluter systems
  • Bannatyne Spa
  • KFC
  • Radisson Blu
  • Roseate hotel & Resort
  • Stratford-on-avon district council


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