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The complete ground's maintenance service provider

What is grounds maintenance? Here at Exterius Facilities Management Ltd based in Atherstone  and covering the whole of the Midlands, we like to look at our services as the interior designers of the outside world.

Grass – isn’t that just carpet, hedges – aren’t they table, weeds – dust on the skirting boards? Think about this, when you turn off the main road into a business park or hotel for the first time the very first judgement that you would make will be one of these two:

  1. Oh, this looks nice
  2. Oh..

Now I am sure that inside your building, it reflects the hard work and passion that you put into your business every day but you can’t tell that as you walk towards the building.

Exterius Facilities Management Ltd want to provide the ground’s maintenance service that shouts “we are smart, we are corporate, we enjoy our working environment, we have attention to detail and we are slick both at our desk and away from it”

Skilled and qualified staff

We offer both seasonal or annual maintenance programs with services including grass cutting, hedge trimming, weed control, leaf collecting and litter picking. We will detail visit by visit on the schedule so both you and our operators know exactly what is due on this week’s visit giving clear and open planning and communication.

All of our operatives are NTPC qualified and trained, alongside our own internal training courses and DBS security clearances we know who our operatives are and program the capabilities to be the very best they can be.

Commerical ground maintenance Midlands


  • Our old contractor left clumps of dry grass after mowing, can you do anything to avoid this?

    We have invested in the very best of kit on our mowers, all of them have a mulching adapter on them…. in short the blades of grass get cut into tiny, tiny pieces and fired back into the ground. They break down so tiny, you can’t even tell and it’s a great feed for the lawns also!

  • Our hedges are so out of control, can these be cut at any time of the year?

    In short, yes and no. They can be trimmed throughout the year to trim the growth off them and keep them in shape but you can only hard cut them (seriously reduce them in height) between September and the end of February to protect nesting birds.



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