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Graffiti comes in all shapes and sizes, all sorts of messages and logos, all of which, when tagged onto your property, need to be removed effectively and safely. Our graffiti removal services allow businesses to restore their buildings, exteriors or vehicles to their original state.

Thankfully, our graffiti removal company have two pieces of equipment to choose from in the form of either low-pressure systems for sensitive surfaces or high pressure on hard surfaces, both of which produce up to 150 degrees of steam. This steam, in most cases, is more than enough to remove the paint; however, if the paint has been on the surface for an extended period, we encourage the paint via chemical assistance.

With decades of experience, our graffiti removal services include correctly trained staff partnered with the very best equipment available to the industry and various chemicals to finish the job.

Get in touch with Exterius today; our graffiti removal company serves the Coventry area, the Midlands and the entire UK.

Graffiti removal wipes - the handy solution

We also keep a fantastic item on the vans in the form of graffiti removal wipes. These will simply scrub the graffiti away from sensitive painted surfaces that will not tolerate the heat or pressure of our steam systems. Call us now, lets get that tag gone and allow for your property to protect is own reputation.

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  • When we have had it done in the past, there was a stain like shadow left behind?

    There are many reasons why shadowing can occur and a large factor of this is down to the response time from the application of the paint to the removal, there is no doubt the longer the harder it is to remove. We do also carry a fantastic shadow remover chemical on the fleet also.

  • I have a graffiti tag on my metal shutter, is this an issue?

    Not at all we use a metal safe product to remove the tag without effecting the integrity of the metal shutter.

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