How manned guarding will add value to your business

How manned guarding will add value to your business

Do you ever think of a security guard as a colleague or just a random employee who is around you all the time, but does nothing related to your business? Doing nothing related to your business doesn’t mean not adding any value to it. Some of your sales are happening just because the man with the walkie-talkie smiled at your client or answered a client’s question.

Think about two scenarios:

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1) Your employees come to work, unlock the doors, grab a cup of coffee, chat for a bit and then their workday starts. At some point during their workday, the flow of clients increases and eventually they outnumber your employees greatly. There are cameras and monitors setup around the place, but your employees can’t keep track of everything going on, because the number of people is simply overwhelming. In the evening, as their workday comes to an end, they finish up their tasks, lock the doors and go back home. The next morning as they prepare to open up, they find out that something was stolen.

2) Your employees come to work. As they enter the building and head to their work stations, they are greeted by a guard. He smiles, asks how they are feeling, gives them the key and with his confident body language lets them know that everything is under control. Later on, the guard is checking cameras and people passing by, but also greeting them and showing them where to go. As the day progresses, the guard holds up a client on their way out and it turns out that he is a shoplifter, who was caught in the action while the guard was observing the monitors. At the end of the day, the employees leave some of their belongings at work, encouraged by the scene earlier, say goodbye to the guard and go home.  

Be honest – which scenario felt safer? Could you see the difference between a workplace with just security cameras and a workplace with guard being next to you?

Let’s take a look at what we just discovered:

  • A security guard can act immediately and prevent damage from vandalism or thieves. 
  • Guard will have all the needed skills to operate with CCTV.
  • Trained protective personnel can be responsible for keys and other valuable items.
  • Manned guarding can impact the environment not only for your employees but also for clients. 
  • A smile and answered questions by the guard will improve the customer experience and the image of your company.
  • People from security staff are your colleagues, who add real and important value to your business.  
How manned guards add value

Security guards in the workplace are one of the most underrated employees. Every year industries are losing billions just because of vandalism, shoplifting, robberies and too often no one is held responsible for that. All you can do is to watch a low-quality video after the theft took place, while the thief is long gone.

Providing a safe environment helps the productivity of employees and is more attractive to clients. Having someone who is trained, confident and responsible for the safety of your clients, employees and property, is a guaranteed way of adding value to your business.


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